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Roblox Resizing players AND their accessories (1 Viewer)


I have a game where when a player touches a brick they become twice the size as follows:

local HeightScale = parent.Humanoid:FindFirstChild("BodyHeightScale")
HeightScale.Value = 2

local WidthScale = parent.Humanoid:FindFirstChild("BodyWidthScale")
WidthScale.Value = 2

local DepthScale = parent.Humanoid:FindFirstChild("BodyDepthScale")
DepthScale.Value = 2

local HeadScale = parent.Humanoid:FindFirstChild("HeadScale")
HeadScale.Value = 2


The script works great in doubling the size of the player but accessories (hair, hats) and weapons don't increase similarly. Any advice on how to do each?