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  1. younyokel

    The power of Lua 5.1

    Hello and welcome, Martin! Great to see new faces around and much more awesome is when they're not something but seniors! 😁 My name is Edwin. I'm practicing Lua 5.1, little bit from Lua 5.3 (libraries like UTF-8) with LuaJIT using LÖVE framework. Great to know there is much more ways of using...
  2. younyokel

    In fact, you made this forum look a lot better! (y) Keep it up! I like these new squircle avatars!

    In fact, you made this forum look a lot better! (y) Keep it up! I like these new squircle avatars!
  3. younyokel

    Hey, can you return it? It wasn't bad.

    Hey, can you return it? It wasn't bad.
  4. younyokel

    Everything turned blue! What?

    Everything turned blue! What?
  5. younyokel

    Which mqtt_lua fork to use?

    If the author didn't consider it necessary to update it, is it possible that it really didn't need updates? I mean, I have zero experience with MQTT and Corona SDK, but in logic using the original repository could be a better idea if this was true. Geekscape which created this repository was...
  6. younyokel

    Share your code!

    Here you go: a simple string whitespace trimming function: Created and tested on LOVE 11.3.0 - Mysterious Mysteries. function trimString(s) return (s:gsub('%s+', ' '):gsub('^%s*(.-)%s*$', '%1'):gsub('%s*\\n%s*', '\n')) end This function returns a string you've entered as a single argument...
  7. younyokel

    how is lua mixed with c++

    Hello and welcome to this forum! I truly hope you'll like it here. Lua is a high-level programming language which, firmly speaking, means almost imperceptible lower performance (comparing to medium and low level programming languages) and fast, human-readable coding. Lua is written in C. C++...
  8. younyokel

    Thoughts on upcoming changes in 5.4?

    I'd like to try Lua 5.4 but LÖVE which is a game framework I use, sadly handles only the 5.2 version.
  9. younyokel

    Share your code!

    Here, some simple string function I made recently. You can use them if you're making a text-based game. Created and tested on LOVE 11.3.0 - Mysterious Mysteries. function insertString(string, insert, position) return string.sub(string, 1, position) .. insert .. string.sub(string, position...
  10. younyokel

    LuaJIT tutorial?

    LuaJIT is a compiler for Lua programming language. By “regular Lua” you probably mean the original C-compiler for it and since lua.c often compiles source code into byte code almost immediately, it is designed to be a fast one-pass compiler. But if you still interested, according to MagicWall's...
  11. younyokel

    Thanks for fast reaction 🙂

    Thanks for fast reaction 🙂
  12. younyokel

    Share your code!

    Here's some useful mathematics functions. I wasn't able to found some of these functions built in when I was just starting to learn Lua. They actually can be used not only in Love2D but in just Lua too. Created and tested on LOVE 11.3.0 - Mysterious Mysteries. function sign(number) return...
  13. younyokel

    Share your code!

    Here's the function that allows you to draw a nineslice. So, the nineslice is a sprite that will be cropped into nine smaller images and drawn in any given sizes. Just use this function in love.draw, that's it. To use it, you need to insert an image or user data in a place of first argument...
  14. younyokel

    Share your code!

    Hello and welcome! If you made or found any functions or any other useful things that can be used in Love2D please share right here. All you have found or made should not be licensed under any circumstances or should be protected by an open source licence so please do not try to sell anything...
  15. younyokel

    Love2D and ECS

    Are you using this feature? If so, there are some projects made by different volunteers: Tetris (by Pikashira), A Cat Game (by Flameendless). You can examine them and learn something :)