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  1. dinsdale247

    Official Lua Forum GitHub

    I thought a GUI for LuaRocks would be fun? I have a prototype of a NoSQL database for Lua? That's a cool project I'd like to see go somewhere. There is an MIT licensed PGP library written in C that has Lua bindings. I sort of got that to build on windows with xmake. I wanted to build PGP into...
  2. dinsdale247

    Free Lua Course

    I think it's great to see a beginners course for Lua. But... the course says it's $139 for a 1 hour beginner course? I suppose I appreciate the $19.99 discount price, but the entire PIL book can be purchased for $25? Am I missing something?
  3. dinsdale247

    "Fast" way of Parsing in Lua

    Hi @LeDarkLua, welcome to Lua Form. I agree with you that regex can turn into unreadable gibberish. There is an alternative in Lua called LPeg. I know next to nothing about LPeg other than it is an API to build parsing languages. That is, LPeg expressions can be created and combined and used...
  4. dinsdale247

    Function return value is coming out of a subfunction

    This looks to be an asynchronous call. There is no guarantee that the data will be available when "meta:GetCharacterTable()" returns. You may need to employ strategies to ensure your data is there: - Use a callback function - This is ALWAYS the preference because you are likely in an...
  5. dinsdale247

    Too many projects...

    Too many projects...
  6. dinsdale247

    Need Help with Chat Toggle in Open Tibia Client.

    Ah. Okay so you want to toggle the wasd checkbox with the enter button? Usually in a panel/screen it will be a matter of a) Focus - which control on the screen has the current focus and b) Event Handling - what does the system do with an event like a key press. Some events are tied to specific...
  7. dinsdale247

    fsx p3d homecockpit flight simulator with LUA

    If the issue is still ongoing: Are you able to give us more information? Some source code that may be related or around the area that you are looking at? The SDK is online and "more eyes" can sometimes be helpful: https://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/LearningCenter.php
  8. dinsdale247

    fsx p3d homecockpit flight simulator with LUA

    I'm sorry I can't help but I had to say this: GET OUT OF TOWN! That's the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!
  9. dinsdale247

    anagram string

    Not sure what you're trying to do, but you can't use `string.sub` on "a" because it's a table. You can use `string.sub` on an element of "a": --I changed the name of your inputs function anagrams(t1, t2) a = t1[1] --turn this assignment into a loop... for i = 1, #a do --3times...
  10. dinsdale247

    Using NLua on .NET

    Hurray! Thanks @viniciusjarina. I've used both NLua nd NeoLua very effectively for different things. I wanted to do a "shoot out" style article with the two packages, but the full article will have to wait. Here are my experiences with NLua and NeoLua. NLua I am a HUGE fan of this package. I...
  11. dinsdale247

    XREF etc

    Have you tried the ZeroBrane Editor? It's a Lua based IDE for Lua. It's quite good and has a built in debugger. I use Geany on all platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD) if I have a GUI. I like it because it's super light weight and has nice lightweight projects. It has keyword highlighting...
  12. dinsdale247

    Windows How to install Lua on Windows?

    uLua looks super cool (I'm green with envy. lol). ULua
  13. dinsdale247

    Windows How to install Lua on Windows?

    Raw Lua binaries are available from Lua Binaries: Lua Binaries Download. If source forge drives you nuts, the downloads are mirrored here: Download File List - LuaBinaries - OSDN
  14. dinsdale247

    Windows How to install Lua on Windows?

    Lua is available through the chocolatey package manager:
  15. dinsdale247

    Windows How to install Lua on Windows?

    If you already have all 20 GB of visual studio installed (or any other compiler), luawinmake is a great option for building from sources: https://github.com/Tieske/luawinmake
  16. dinsdale247


    hmmm... I don't think make has any requirement for uname? Could your makefile be including another file that DOES use uname? Or perhaps it's running a configuration script. Sometimes if the win32 symbol is not present people assume unix and would call uname to determine mac/linux/bsd platforms...
  17. dinsdale247

    Windows How to install Lua on Windows?

    If you don't want to build Lua from sources, or you are looking for a complete toolchain TO build lua from sources, check out the WinLua Toolchain Installer. Winlua is a complete toolchain including Lua, LuaRocks, XMake (lua based) build system, LLVM compiler and more. The installer setup up all...
  18. dinsdale247

    [WIP] Restia: My dumb attempt at a web framework

    Very cool. Have you tried it with lua-http? Here is a little prototype project I have that creates a web terminal to a running minecraft server (*nix only). The next step was to combine it with a small "database" and add dynamic pages so users could log in, manage, and connect to MC instances...
  19. dinsdale247

    Reliability in production

    That's heartbreaking. A thing of nightmares. That's heartbreaking. A thing of nightmares. I jest, if I had a large web project I would be hard pressed not to choose node.js over a lua platform, just for the shear difficulty of finding lua developers. Not that my manager would let me write...
  20. dinsdale247

    Lua vs. JavaScript

    There have been multiple attempts to create a typed Lua. I have minimally tried Ravi - Ravi Programming Language by ravilang I think Ravi is the epitome of the difference between Lua and Javascript. Javascript is one thing and it has a very strict standard. People expect that standard. Lua is...