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    Official Lua Forum GitHub

    I really like the PGP idea. What use cases do you see there? I have some ideas, but I want to hear yours.
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    Official Lua Forum GitHub

    There's now an official Lua Forum GitHub account! Any ideas on what we can build together? I'll add your ideas to this list continuously: online Lua interpreter/playground (e.g. JSFiddle,) with an option to import the most popular rocks and frameworks (using Fengari) GUI for LuaRocks...
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    LuaForum now supports login with Google and Microsoft

    You can now register/login with your Google, GitHub or Microsoft account. LuaForum will support more identity providers in the near future. Using OpenID for authentication leads to a faster, more secure login. Supported identity providers: Google GitHub Microsoft Facebook (upcoming) Twitter...
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    [WIP] Restia: My dumb attempt at a web framework

    Referring to readme.md: Section: Building the Documentation: ldoc link https://github.com/DarkWiiPlayer/restia/blob/master/ldoc returns 404 not found, try in incognito mode Section: Contributing: ldoc link lunarmodules/LDoc, has a syntax error (comma at the end)
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    The following list is updated continuously: Will there be ads on the forum in the future? No
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    [WIP] Restia: My dumb attempt at a web framework

    I haven't had time to try it out yet, but I really like that it looks well thought out and organized. Btw, the ldoc link in the readme is broken. To your questions: I think an answer to the first question "What direction should I take this in?" implicitly answers the next two questions. In my...
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    Reliability in production

    Hi all :) I received this email from the CEO of a company: I've found that openresty lua is very good for MVP and prototyping, but can not be safely used in production. Particularly, socket connections to mysql and redis are dying silently on a high load condition. You connect, check that the...
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    Function luaDoTradeOrbs(cid, target, points) 0.4 -> 1.3

    The addRef method in TFS 0.4 is just incrementing a reference counter. The TFS 1.3 equivalent is incrementReferenceCounter(). If you look here you can see that TFS 0.4 player class has a transferContainer member, this does not exist in TFS 1.3 Btw, you still have the double semicolon syntax...
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    Function luaDoTradeOrbs(cid, target, points) 0.4 -> 1.3

    What errors are you getting? Try to replace: getEnv() with getScriptEnv() getPlayerByUID() with getPlayerByID() Take a look at luacript.h and luascript.cpp to see what functions are available in TFS 1.3
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    Forum For LuaRocks Authors

    We're honored to have you here Hisham :)
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    Function luaDoTradeOrbs(cid, target, points) 0.4 -> 1.3

    There is a syntax error in your code, the following line has a double semicolon: Item* Orb = new Item(7722);;
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    need help please (WoW TBC delay/timer)

    I'm not familiar with WoW TBC, but I think you can use C_Timer.After(duration, callback). It executes a function after a set amount of seconds.
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    need help please (WoW TBC delay/timer)

    You have a higher chance of getting help if you copy-paste your current script here.
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    How to add code to posts

    :LOL: It's fixed now. Thank you! Edit: the plugin I had to use to get Lua as the default language had a bug in it so I had to disable it.
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    Windows How to install Lua on Windows?

    Install Lua on Windows 10 (build from sources) This tutorial shows you how to build and install Lua on Windows 10 from sources. The tutorial is not meant for complete beginners. Download and install TDM-GCC Go to the downloads section or download TDM64-GCC-9.2.0.exe Run the executable Select...