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Jan 6, 2020
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I. Titles​

A title should describe the contents of a thread. A good rule of thumb is to write titles similar to what you would search for on Google.
  • Bad title examples: “help please”, “I need help”, “problem”, “few questions”, “error”, etc.
  • Good title example: “Is there a Lua function for finding the index of an element in a table?”
Addressing users in the title is not allowed.

II. Double posting​

  • Rule: You have to wait 24 hours to post "back-to-back" in the same thread.
  • Exception to the rule: if you've solved a problem and want to share the solution.

III. Duplicate content​

Don't create multiple threads for the same problem. It's spam. If no one replies, and your thread has disappeared from the "Latest post" sidebar, wait 24 hours and bump your old thread instead (preferably with further information about the problem you're trying to solve).

IV. Code formatting​

Always use proper code formatting. See How to add code to posts.

V. Solved problems​

If you found the solution to your problem, please do not remove the question! Instead, post the solution so others can benefit from your newly found insight. It's good to give back.

Also, remember to mark solutions with "Best answer" (and like helpful posts).
Not open for further replies.