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Nov 17, 2020
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Lua is an amazing software language because it can be embedded in almost anywhere. Because it's so small and flexible it's been extended in a number of amazing ways with amazing libraries. BUT, we all know that Lua isn't a main stream language and often times authors are forced to abandon their work due to lack of time or changing interests. That's where the orphanage comes in.

This forum is envisioned as a place for authors to post about their creations and announce that they are looking for help or stepping away entirely. It could also be used for scripters to discuss libraries that have not kept up with changes in Lua versions. You know, the one library that's stuck at Lua 5.2 and you REALLY want to move to Lua 5.4?

A third place where the orphanage could be useful is documentation. If there's an article on the Lua Users Wiki that you've found is out of date, or some reference that really needs to be updated, you could post here and perhaps work with someone to get it fixed.

If you're new to Lua I suggest that the orphanage is a great place for you to get involved. You could start working with an existing code base and work through the debugging process with the community to learn and grow as a coder.

Finally, if there is enough interest in this subject, then I propose we could take it another next step and vote on a handful of modules and run a code-a-thon, perhaps with some prizes and t-shirts?

Looking forward to thoughts and input. But mostly looking for your tired, weary code! 🙄