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Linux Any basic datagrid to display file.txt content updates ? (1 Viewer)

As a Linux Mint user, I'm very fresh to LUA and looking for some way to display the content of a text file I would be modifying repeatedly...
*some basic GUI as the one from this sample picture could do the job.
I would like to run some lua script to modify a text file content (aprox 2000 lines)
and use that datagrid to display the modified data...

Is there anythink alike in Lua's feature or third party utilities that could allow such set up ?
*if I could 'code' some buttons with Lua to bring changes within the Display window, that would be great !!!
...else, I would just use the display window to 'refresh' updated data, and run all scripts from a Terminal.

I'm already testing basic Lua Scripts and my first impression is that its quite easy to adapt/learn script to one's personal need
witht he help of some samples. :)

Any third party [linux supported] software that would allow to quickly build a basic Window with a grid display and some Action buttons is welcomed ;}

Happy coding,


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