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  1. S

    Roblox Admin Script

    Hello, i want to create my own admin script and i need some help on the command holder and how i left a while ago roblox i forgot everything. i want to create something like this:
  2. kevintdame

    Roblox Trouble temporarily disabling a player's custom walk animation

    Hi. I have a game where certain players who click on a "ghost" button temporarily lose their walk / run animations so they they are able to float / fly around without their legs moving. I have an approach that works for some players but for others it doesn't work and I think it has something to...
  3. kevintdame

    Roblox Resizing players AND their accessories

    SITUATION: I have a game where when a player touches a brick they become twice the size as follows: local HeightScale = parent.Humanoid:FindFirstChild("BodyHeightScale") HeightScale.Value = 2 local WidthScale = parent.Humanoid:FindFirstChild("BodyWidthScale") WidthScale.Value = 2 local...
  4. kevintdame

    Roblox Mute button not working in Roblox

    SITUATION: I have a rounds-based Roblox game and I have a mute button which I would like to have work when players are in the round. This code is from a script in serverscriptserver: local roundzone = regionPart -- this is an invisible part surrounding the round that if a player touches...
  5. kevintdame

    Roblox Trouble with Roblox DataStore

    I am attempting a simple task of updating a player's all-time win totals. Here is the code I used based on tutorials I have watched: local DataStoreService = game:GetService("DataStoreService") local myDataStore = DataStoreService:GetDataStore("myDataStore")...
  6. damian

    Roblox How to use RemoteEvents in Roblox Studio

    In this tutorial, I will go over: How to detect when a user clicks a part using ClickDetector How to send a request through RemoteEvent How to read the request inside of another script Please comment if I missed anything, and without further ado, let's begin...