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  1. dinsdale247

    Announcing WinLua Toolchain Installer - Release 2012a

    Good news everyone! WinLua Toolchain 2012a is ready. WinLua Toolchain is now ready for general distribution. Winlua is a Windows development environment dedicated to Lua and C (and begrudgingly C++). WinLua Toolchain provides a (nearly) complete development environment in a windows MSI...
  2. R

    Windows setting up luarocks on windows 10

    Hello, im relatively new to Lua but not programming in general (15+ years). I am having a hard time to set up luarocks on windows so i can install packages with luarocks. What i have done so far is downloading lua53 and the latest luarocks (3.3.1). I've created a folder on the c drive with...