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  1. devkapilbansal

    Not able to mock io library

    Greetings Everyone, I am trying to mock `io` library for testing. I make two tables definining package.loaded.io as some table. The tables look like this: Then I use luaunit to tests some of the files. The problem I am facing is that the io defined in TestNeighbor is getting used by the...
  2. LeDarkLua

    "Fast" way of Parsing in Lua

    Hello guys, I'm new to this forum, but I have a question in mind with parsing, and I will state this that I know there are other possibilities to parse a snipped of code for my desired effect and I'm doing that also, and have succeeded, but as I'm moving to another platform "Love2D" I'd like to...
  3. T

    The power of Lua 5.1

    Dear Lua developers, I am very happy to see a forum solely dedicated to the Lua programming language! Thank you for creating it :) Anyway, I want to share my viewpoints on the Lua 5.1 language. I have been developing in Lua for more than 10 years now, from time to time. Did you know that Lua...