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  1. dinsdale247

    Lua, Sol 3 and C++ (Oh, My!): Part Deux - We Like Our Toes.

    Lua, Sol 3 and C++ (Oh, My!): Part Deux - We Like Our Toes. Welcome Back Kids Wow, you came back! Maybe you really do want to learn to use Lua with C++? If you managed to stick through the first part of my series on using Sol 3 then you just might have the pain threshold that suites true C++...
  2. 2

    Lua 'end' syntax

    Is there any way to make the Lua end syntax more similar to Ada's end syntax? e.g.: end if, end loop, end Function_Name I'm currently using comments to emulate the Ada syntax, e.g.: function Get_Max (A, B) if (A > B) then return A; else return B; end -- if end -- Get_Max...
  3. Simon

    Lua vs. JavaScript

    How does Lua compare to other scripting languages such as JavaScript? When would you use one over the other?
  4. 9

    How to use LUA as a script for NPC In c++ game

    Hello, I was reading a lot on the internet but I am still looking for an answer, I dont expect a solution from you, just a simple answers or a books, online tutorials which will help me to solve that problem. Well I am coding a game for fun in c++, SFML, where I load entities like NPC, tiles...
  5. S

    Windows How to open Lua files on text editor using windows 10

    Hello i want open a lua file using text editor but i cant i have already used most of the editors but it wont let me please help me thanks
  6. D

    how is lua mixed with c++

    im 16 years old and have been learning lua the last 2 months 🙃
  7. D

    Windows How to install Lua on Windows?

    I'm new to the Lua programming language. How to install Lua on Windows? I've searched for videos but no luck.
  8. damian

    Roblox How to use RemoteEvents in Roblox Studio

    In this tutorial, I will go over: How to detect when a user clicks a part using ClickDetector How to send a request through RemoteEvent How to read the request inside of another script Please comment if I missed anything, and without further ado, let's begin...