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  1. L

    Debugging Lua

    How do I debug Lua scripts seamlessly, if they're calling custom functions implemented in C/C++?
  2. O

    [Paid] Decompiling 5.2 Code

    I am having trouble decompiling this LUA 5.2 code. I am thinking it might be encrypted because it doesn't decompile with Luadec 5.1, 5.2, or 5.3. The code is version 5.2 Can someone help me out? I will pay for your time.
  3. S

    Roblox Admin Script

    Hello, i want to create my own admin script and i need some help on the command holder and how i left a while ago roblox i forgot everything. i want to create something like this:
  4. R

    How to Create a Thread which prints a word ervery 3 seconds in lua?

    I need help with creating a Thread which gives out a word every 3 Seconds. ("Hallo") And this should happen endless how to do this in lua? Thanks for your time (:
  5. henwrite

    Lua Encryption Type

    Hello everyone, I want to ask for help what type of encryption is used for this file, I'm learning to be a reverse engineer, please help everyone.
  6. Unitscan

    Print table at specific table depth

    I have this table stuff = { fruit = { yellow = { "Banana" }, red = { "Apple" } }, city = { "Toronto" }, name = { "Claudia" } } function scope(tbl,depth) for k, v in...
  7. S

    calculating position with given params

    Howdy! so since im restricted to realise it in Lua i post my problem here. furthermore im restricted to some ingame limitations (game: stormworks) so i cant use any fancy libs. i sounded so simple but drove me a bit crazy. What i need: the global(not relative to object A) 3D (x,y,z) position of...
  8. MianQi

    Windows lua.exe: error while loading shared libraries: lua54.dll: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    I downloaded lua-5.4.4.tar.gz here - Lua: download area, the I made a "lua" directory under C: on Windows 10, then I opened MinGW and extracted it, so I had a folder "lua-5.4.4". Then I typed"make PLAT=mingw" and "make install", they all ran correctly, I mean no error prompted. Then I got 2...
  9. A

    Lua ignoring float type

    Hello, I´m calling a function in lua to get some data via ubus. I need to show this info in a web. The table this method returns is the following. The problem is lua is just getting some of the data, not all. I can´t get the float values. When I iterate the table c_r, c_s, c_t and soc don´t...
  10. I

    Getting a script parsing error but have my ends for {

    I am getting these two errors when running a script. One is in the config and one is in my main.lua in my server. I dont see where I am missing an end in either of these. See below. [ script:ic_pawnshop] Error parsing script @ic_pawnshop/server/main.lua in resource ic_pawnshop...
  11. 2

    Lua + Blockchain

    Any cool blockchain projects that uses Lua out there? I know Bitcoin has its own assembly-like script system (without loops etc.) because it's so critical. But I imagine other, less critical projects could use Lua, especially since many blockchain projects are written in C++. @Egor...
  12. AdrifBC

    scan creations and result comparison

    Hello ! can you ask the question the problem that I was asked is to be able to create a backup file, (list, table) to then be able to compare and target the changes made (participants who no longer respond to a Ping for the example and the address would be highlighted) I have to make a...
  13. adamstc222

    Help with adding a button

    Hello I need help adding a button to my game I just want it to be a button that shows instructions for my game when it is pressed please can someone help. Here is my code: --displays title screen local titleBg local playBtn local creditsBtn local titleView --Author: Adam St Clair --App...
  14. 2

    Embedding Lua in C/C++

    I'm following @stetre's amazing guide (link to guide) on how to embed Lua in C/C++ Lua version: 5.3 Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS These are the additional steps I had to take to get it to work: Note: I'm a complete beginner, and it may be obvious to more experienced Lua developers, but...
  15. Sina Dehghani

    Windows How can I make a drm in the Lua?

    Hello! I am newbie ... So forgive me for my questions Please and Please and Please Help me: How can I make a drm in the Autoplay Media Studio software? DRM is a special player for playing a movie in my own format, which I have to create a solution for encryption with a special format and a...
  16. T

    Function return value is coming out of a subfunction

    I am not quite sure whether the thread title fits perfectly, but I am not entirely sure how else I could call it. local meta = FindMetaTable("Player") function meta:GetCharacterTable() if not self:IsPlayer() then return {} end local q = db:query("SELECT * FROM sid_" ...
  17. G

    Programming In Lua Book

    Hi, i just bought the fourth edition of Programming in Lua, i saw that there are exercices in it. I didn't find any correction for them. Is there any somewhere?
  18. S

    Reliability in production

    Hi all :) I received this email from the CEO of a company: I've found that openresty lua is very good for MVP and prototyping, but can not be safely used in production. Particularly, socket connections to mysql and redis are dying silently on a high load condition. You connect, check that the...
  19. dinsdale247

    Announcing WinLua Toolchain Installer - Release 2012a

    Good news everyone! WinLua Toolchain 2012a is ready. WinLua Toolchain is now ready for general distribution. Winlua is a Windows development environment dedicated to Lua and C (and begrudgingly C++). WinLua Toolchain provides a (nearly) complete development environment in a windows MSI...
  20. CoolBuys1290

    Need Help with Chat Toggle in Open Tibia Client.

    I need to know the lua modification to toggle chat with enter key after clicking the wasd checkbox in Open Tibia Client. Using client 7.72. Please help, Thanks, CoolBuys1290