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  1. AdrifBC

    scan creations and result comparison

    Hello ! can you ask the question the problem that I was asked is to be able to create a backup file, (list, table) to then be able to compare and target the changes made (participants who no longer respond to a Ping for the example and the address would be highlighted) I have to make a...
  2. J

    gate funcion not going

    Hello I am a LUA beginner. I have the following problem. I would like to activate a 4-bit object with a 1-bit object. e.g. with KNX-communication test = grp.grp.getvalue ('3/1/3') -- 1bit value= grp.grp.getvalue ('3/1/5') -- 4 bit ( lightvalue) if test == true then grp.write ('3/1/8'...