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    how do I create methods for a table of variable size

    I could find how to do something with a fixed size, but how could I do something like this in Lua script obj = Array(size) then get the size into my C++ function to create the table. Then figure how to iterate through the contents in my methods. I also want to make my own custom methods.
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    How does an operation that relates to a value relate to a table that is in order.

    I would like to be able to define some operations that relate to tables. Should I create a type that is a table.
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    How do I create types for Lua that have things that must be done in C++

    I know how to create a type within Lua but what I learned I think only applies to things that can be done within Lua.
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    Can someone tell me where I can find a class registry other than RTTR that might work in a similar way

    I have had some problems building RTTR but if it works for you it's OK. I just learned that it is supposed to be easier to register your classes somehow.
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    Where can I find the values of things like 'LUA_OK'

    Do I really need to build a new version of Lua. If so where can I find some good instructions on how to build it?
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    How would I implement this C++ class in my Lua scripting

    I would like this function to be available to Lua scripts. I am assuming that it would be more efficient to code this in C++. This is my header: #pragma once class Exchanger { public: Exchanger(bool mod); ~Exchanger(); void exch_con(int* ref, int siz, int* oref, int osiz); void...
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    How would I create a Lua interface so the user can write his/her code in a startup() method and a runloop() method

    So what I want to do is to have these two methods where some setup can be done with the startup method, but I want the method to be able to finish and have Lua still hold on to some of the stuff that was created within it and to be able to have a runloop method to be able to do the same. I also...