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  1. awsdert

    patsubst mimic didn't work correctly, tried fixing but hit infinite loop

    Since I know the rest of the functions work as intended (including the public patsubst function which calls this internally) I can only view this new version of the replacement loop as the culprit for the infinite loop, any ideas where I'm going wrong? -- internal replacement function local...
  2. awsdert

    Want to do something similar to GNUmake's patsubst function

    I got as far as this: function values(prefix,text) return text:gsub('@"%"','$$(' .. prefix .. '%)') end Which didn't work as intended, am I using the wrong function or have I simply written the pattern wrong?
  3. awsdert

    Need help tweaking a regexp to accept only *.c files

    This is where I'm at: for _,prj in ipairs(projects) do cfg[prj] = { src_files = allsubents ( { ignore = function(ud) if ud.mode == "directory" then return false end...