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  1. luagui

    'some creative' way to build up names+famnames ?

    Hi, I'm thinking of create fake names from using a txt file of name and an another with famname... So just opening both files and find some formulas to concatenate both: name1 with: famname1, etc to some output. ...Anyone sees any "smarter" methods to achieve that... ? tks
  2. luagui

    String detection for accent ?

    Hi, While reading a txt file I'm having a hole while trying to ouput an accentuated name : mymach= string.match(retline,"%l*") ..missing name is written : özgür ..with 2 accentuated letters. 413 = guiomar 414 = 415 = thanh Any quick work arround to also retreive accentuated...
  3. luagui

    Linux Any basic datagrid to display file.txt content updates ?

    Hi, As a Linux Mint user, I'm very fresh to LUA and looking for some way to display the content of a text file I would be modifying repeatedly... *some basic GUI as the one from this sample picture could do the job. I would like to run some lua script to modify a text file content (aprox 2000...