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  1. scls

    Downloading file using http.request doesn't follow redirects

    Hello, I'm trying to download a file using http.request using Lua 5.4.2 / LuaRocks 3.7.0 / luasocket-3.0rc1-2.src.rock and this code local http = require("socket.http") url = "https://www.sia.aviation-civile.gouv.fr/dvd/eAIP_07_OCT_2021/Atlas-VAC/PDF_AIPparSSection/VAC/AD/AD-2.LFBI.pdf" local...
  2. scls

    Vagrant (development environment) with recent Lua and Luarocks version

    Hello, I'm looking for a Vagrant environment for Lua and LuaRocks I noticed on Github https://github.com/gsdenys/lua-vagrant This use the luajit-rocks that provides LuaJIT and Luarocks in just one location. vagrant ssh Welcome to Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-159-generic x86_64) *...
  3. scls

    LuaBinaries sourceforge website doesn't show 5.4.2 as latest version

    Hello, I browse to Lua Binaries And noticed that LuaBinaries - Browse /5.4.2 at SourceForge.net display a green button Download Latest Versionlua-5.3.6_Win32_bin.zip (378.1 kB) I may have missed something about how version numbering is working for lua but I thought that 5.4.2 is latest...
  4. scls

    luarocks seems to "mix together" lua 5.3 and lua 5.4

    Hello, I now have in my Windows 10 Lua install > dir c:\lua Répertoire : C:\lua Mode LastWriteTime Length Name ---- ------------- ------ ---- -a---- 13/10/2021 08:27 356234 lua54.dll -a---- 13/10/2021 08:27...
  5. scls

    Error: Could not fetch rock file: Failed creating temporary directory luarocks-rock-luasocket-3.0rc1-2: Failed setting permission exec for all

    Hello, I'm new to Lua and I need to install luasocket to perform GET request to a HTTP server. I'm facing an issue (which seems to be quite common) when trying to install luasocket thanks to luarocks. I'm running Windows Terminal with Windows PowerShell (as user) luarocks install luasocket...