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  1. hemmerling

    Lua Workshop 2022-10-10, in Germany

    The "Lua Workshop" is the world conference of LUA users and LUA developers, is announced to happen in Germany, 2022-10-10. It might be re-scheduled to 2023, though. https://www.hs-furtwangen.de/en/faculties/digital-media/labs/games-lab/lua-workshop/...
  2. hemmerling

    Hemmerling's Lua Resources

    Hello, I become familiar with LUA, since 2021-02, as it is the scripting language for the CORE game development framework. I setup some oldfashioned "Link Farm" pages with tons of infos about LUA, its applications ect. - This is my way to become familar with a topic. By this, one hour ago, I...