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    Open Tibia attempt to index local 'value' (a nil value)

    Why my quests is not working? It is showing this error on console: error on console: [20:0:29.635] [Error - Action Interface] [20:0:29.635] data/actions/scripts/quests/quests.lua:onUse [20:0:29.635] Description: [20:0:29.635] data/actions/scripts/quests/quests.lua:4: attempt to index local...
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    how to use goto or continue on LUA?

    I need to use continue in a loop in LUA I tried this: dofile(getDataDir() .. "actions/scripts/quests.lua") function onSay(cid, words, param, channel) local mins = 60 local hours = 60 * 60 local days = 24 * 60 * 60 print("----------") print(mins, hours, days) local...