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    The power of Lua 5.1

    Hello younyokel :) it is nice to hear from you! I am interested in newer versions of Lua because the developer did improve the performance as well as the functionality ("_ENV", light closures if no upvalues, no binary checking, etc). UTF-8 is very important because Unicode is the future. Would...
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    The power of Lua 5.1

    Dear Lua developers, I am very happy to see a forum solely dedicated to the Lua programming language! Thank you for creating it :) Anyway, I want to share my viewpoints on the Lua 5.1 language. I have been developing in Lua for more than 10 years now, from time to time. Did you know that Lua...
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    Thoughts on upcoming changes in 5.4?

    We cannot let everything happen in the garbage collector because you need files closed on-time and not sometime in the future if you want to handle OS resources reliably. As for opinion on Lua updates on general, security features have been deprecated since Lua 5.2 removed the bytecode...