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    LUA Script To Detect Colors On Screen

    You'd need a library to interface with the OS to grab (effectively) a screenshot, and to send a click event or whatever you're hoping to trigger. You might be able to hack something together with a screenshot binary that spits out a file that you parse... but I'd recommend just learning...
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    Which mqtt_lua fork to use?

    I find the "networks" page to be useful when trying to find a fork: https://github.com/geekscape/mqtt_lua/network From that, it seems like thunderace/mqtt_lua is the fork with the most changes. All the others look like just single-change forks
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    Common pitfalls to avoid in Lua

    Yes, I glossed over that for dramatic effect. It depends on which version of Lua is in use; Lua 5.2 says: Thus, if a __len metamethod is not defined and the table is not a "sequence", then technically it's undefined behaviour. However I suspect that in the standard implementation of Lua it's...
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    Common pitfalls to avoid in Lua

    This guide assumes you are already familiar with the basics of Lua, including tables, strings, the number type, and functions. Here are a few things you can do to avoid common and/or hard-to-debug mistakes in Lua. Do not compare tables with ==. Ex: --Do not do this! {a = 5} == {a = 5} --=>...