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    Windows How to install Lua on Windows?

    If you're running Cygwin (or MobaXterm, which has Cygwin built in) on your Windows PC, you can install Lua from inside Cygwin. Just use Cygwin's or Lua's package manager, search for "lua", select all of the packages that it offers you (well, that may be too many, but I can't tell you which ones...
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    Which mqtt_lua fork to use?

    It's possible. It's also possible that Geekscape is no longer actively involved with mqtt_lua and has moved on to other things, with the expectation that someone else will pick up where he left off, maintaining and improving mqtt_lua. There's always room for bug fixes and feature improvements...
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    Which mqtt_lua fork to use?

    (Also posted in Corona SDK Forums) I want to build Yet Another MQTT Listener in Corona. MQTT has been around for a while, so there should be at least one good repository somewhere. The Github repo at geekscape/mqtt_lua is eight years old. The last commit was 13 July 2012. The "Forks" page...