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    Roblox Trouble with Roblox DataStore

    This is an authorization error, you're either trying to play on a VIP server you don't have access to or are playing as a guest (the ability to do this was removed a couple of years ago). Try turning off any VPNs and make sure you're logged in. This can also be the server's fault, wait a couple...
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    Free Lua Course

    Thanks for the coupon, I'll definitely use this
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    Official Lua Forum GitHub

    There's so many things I've never heard about in this post that it might just work
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    Roblox How to use RemoteEvents in Roblox Studio

    Roblox Studio (their development platform) is available on Windows and Mac (not Linux, unfortunately), and doesn't require any extra software. I don't even have Lua installed on my computer and it all still works.
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    chicago devs > anyone else

    chicago devs > anyone else
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    Roblox How to use RemoteEvents in Roblox Studio

    In this tutorial, I will go over: How to detect when a user clicks a part using ClickDetector How to send a request through RemoteEvent How to read the request inside of another script Please comment if I missed anything, and without further ado, let's begin...
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    Common pitfalls to avoid in Lua

    I guess the tradeoff for larger over more accurate numbers is fair.
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    Common pitfalls to avoid in Lua

    It's a pet peeve of mine how programming languages don't perfectly compare decimals. But what is the reason for this? A flaw with the programming language itself, or how the computer running it responds to it?