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    Lua HTTP client

    What about the HTTP protocol? Do you implement it yourself?
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    Lua HTTP client

    How are people doing HTTP requests in Lua? Do you use a Lua rock? Implement it in C? What's your approach/advice?
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    Ellipses assignment outside of a function?

    You're completely right.
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    G-Series Logitech Lua scripting

    What model is the mouse? @Latem did some scripting for the Logitech G-Hub Series. Ah, my bad! Didn't see the tags.
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    Ellipses assignment outside of a function?

    It's a multiple assignment. For example, if you have a function test, that returns three numbers: function test() return 1, 2, 3 end You can assign them to the variables a, b, and c, in a single line. a, b, c = test() The underscore in local, _, ns = ... means that the second return...
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    LuaBinaries sourceforge website doesn't show 5.4.2 as latest version

    Lua uses semantic versioning X.Y.Z X is the major version; Y is the minor version; and Z is for patches. Y is increased if backwards compatible functionality is added or existing functionality is marked as deprecated. So if you should use Lua 5.4.2 or the "latest" 5.3.Z version, depends on...
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    Error: Could not fetch rock file: Failed creating temporary directory luarocks-rock-luasocket-3.0rc1-2: Failed setting permission exec for all

    It might be an issue with Luarocks 3.7.0, try an earlier version to see if the error persists.